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Change with class

Switching Layout


Vicuna private skin has become the mechanism where layout changes with the class which is added to the body element of the theme source.

This has meant the fact that in class for layout which is shown in the one for skin each templet can be modified in layout of the taste.

You try looking at the modification of layout of the index page as an example.

<body class="mainIndex double">


In initial condition as description above, double and mainIndex class for layout are divided in the space by class attribute, is set as two values. As for mainIndex class it is not necessary to modify in class in order to identify the template.

div#utilities in double class becomes a sidebar arranged on side of div#main.

Single Column
body class="single"
Double Column - Menu on Right
body class="double"
Double Column - Menu on Left
body class="double-l"
Multi Column
body class="multi"
Multi Column - Double Menu on Right
body class="multi2"
Multi Column - Double Menu on Left
body class="multi2-l"

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single class


div#utilities in single class becomes 2 lines arranged under the div#main.

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multi class


Multiple column module is installed exist in the skin and they are possible to do 3 column indications.

<body class="mainIndex multi">

In multi class as for div#utilities it is developed on left and right of the div#main, the left becomes main navigation.
(Depending on the skin of other multi column configuration is possible.)

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Eye Catch Module

The Eye Catch image is the element which gives visual impact to the visitor at the time of page designing directly.

Here is insertion and the edit method of the Eye Catch image.

<body class="mainIndex eye-c">
body class="eye-h"
body class="eye-c"
body class="eye-m"
body class="multi eye-h"

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